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Coronavirus —

Reporters Without Borders reported that attacks on press freedom have been registered in 90 of the 193 UN member countries

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) denounced this Monday the attacks on press freedom that have been registered in 90 out of 193 member countries of United Nations during crisis management the coronavirus, and claimed protection for journalists so that they can offer reliable information.

The organization, based in Paris, has documented practices that were intended to hinder the journalistic coverage of the health crisis in the 47 percent from the countries of the Un, among them China, Russia, India, Nicaragua, the United States, Italy or Germany.

“It is particularly disturbing to note that, under the pretext of the health crisis, attacks on the right to information they have multiplied and spread throughout the world, including countries considered democratic models, “lamented the RSF Secretary-General Christophe Deloire, which urged states to stop “blaming the messenger.”

Governments should, according to RSF, do everything possible to protect journalists and offer them reliable information, a necessary condition to fight disinformation “that aggravates the crisis instead of stopping it.”

The data recorded by RSF and their local teams show that Africa It is the continent most impacted by these information restrictions, although no region in the world escapes.

The worst offenses have not occurred only in the countries that rank worst in the world press freedom ranking. There are incidents in seven European countries (6 of them in the EU), where the situation of press freedom is usually considered good or quite good ”, they point out.

Among them the UK, where he denounces the “aggressive attitude” of the British Government after the publication of several articles that dealt with the management of the pandemic.

The organization is particularly alarmed in countries such as Brazil and the United States where it is the heads of state who are at the origin of the attacks.

Since the start of the health crisis, (US) President Donald Trump has taken it with at least eight journalists during his press conferences. In Brazil, the president, Jair Bolsonaro, also stands out for the harassment against the media, “says RSF in his statement.

They also denounce the “vast disinformation campaign” launched by the Daniel Ortega’s Government in Nicaragua and the limitations to the press to minimize the impact of the coronavirus in the country, or the case of a journalist in Belarus He could be sentenced to ten years in prison for criticizing the country’s strategy in the face of the epidemic.

In addition, they warn that the stockpiles of emergency laws deployed to combat the pandemic have been particularly liberticidal for the press in countries such as Hungary, Cambodia, Burma, Serbia or Turkey with imprisoned journalists for your articles.

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Northeast Cartel hitman attacks police and burns alive after car fire

New York —

Another of the criminals managed to get out of the vehicle but died a few steps away. With them they added 20 the dead of that group of the narco

Northeast Cartel hitman attacks police and burns alive after car fire

The Voice of the People / Courtesy

A confrontation between police of Civil Force of the state of New Lion and an armed group left two suspects drug traffickers of the Northeast Cartel (CDN), one of them burned inside a van, in the municipality Bustamante in said border entity of Mexico. With them, they added at least 20 dead on the part of that criminal group in just a few hours in different events and in different Mexican entities.

In the confrontation that occurred in Bustamante, two police state were hit by bullets so they were transferred to a hospital where your state of Health was reported as stable.

#EY #Bustamante #NewLion

Last night
An attack on members of the FC FRARI Group on the road from #Bustamante to #Lampazos in the gap Old Road to #Candela after repelling the attack, 2 hitmen from the Cartel Del Noreste “#CDN” were neutralized

2 policemen were injured.

– The Voice Of The People (Official) (@ LPueblo2) July 3, 2020

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According to the corporation, in the area of ​​the shooting, a rifle.

The confrontation was recorded in a gap known as Old Road to Candela, a few miles from the road to Bustamante, indicated the authorities.

It was detailed that the police officers were on a tour when they found a convoy of vehicles that turned out to be from a criminal group known as Northeast Cartel.

It was then that the criminals attacked the officers, who repelled the aggression.

One of the victims was inside a van that was completely finished. calcined.

He corpse of the other suspect He was located in the gap, and a few steps away they located the long gun.

As for the rest of criminalsIt was reported that they escaped in the other vehicles and on foot, however, it was not detailed how many of them managed to flee.

In just a few hours with these two killed, the Northeast Cartel added at least 20 A hitmen dead. Among which are some of the Troop of Hell after 13 of them were shot after shooting a convoy of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) in the border municipality of New Laredo, in the state of Tamaulipas. While others 5 they were neutralized in the municipality of Torreón in the state of Coahuila also after attacking authorities.

#EYE #Coahuila

Elements of #PCC were conducting a reconnaissance tour in the Cerro de la Cruz col to the west of # Torreón when they were attacked by #CDN hitmen who took refuge in a house; after repelling the aggression, 5 hitmen from the Del Cartel were killed. Northeast

– The Voice Of The People (Official) (@ LPueblo2) July 4, 2020

According to reports, those of the Northeast Cartel have as their main modus operandi, cloning the military clothing and of the guard National to make checkpoints in full view of everyone, including the authorities themselves and even so attack the police.

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