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Former WWE Superstar CM Punk recently revealed what he thought were the best promos to be cut in the WWE.

The Superstar had nine choices and picked the best 3, which were impactful promos throughout.

These were Dusty Rhodes’ ‘Hard Times’ speech against Ric Flair, Steve Austin’s 3:16 diatribe, and of course, Punk’s very own Pipe Bomb.

Dusty Rhodes used his opportunity in 1985, to thoroughly chastise the Nature Boy Ric Flair, who was the World Heavyweight Champion at the time.

Dusty stated in his passionate speech that Flair had brought upon hard times on the Rhodes family. His “son of a plumber” persona would go on to become one of the most iconic gimmicks in the WWE. 

Hardtimes, pipebombshell, Austin 3:16
Remarkable @TheAJMendez is the only woman on this list. She is so good!

— player/coach (@CMPunk) June 29, 2020

Hard Times, 3:16 and the CM Punk Pipe Bomb

He compared his situation in the pro-wrestling world, to textile and automobile workers in America, who did not have money to support their families.

Rhodes threw a barrage of insults at the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, and vowed to retain the title soon.

He called Flair a thief, and all sorts of other insults, which made the promo so much more memorable.

Steve Austin cut an insane promo after King of the Ring in 1996.

He had just beaten Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts convincingly in the ring. Austin started chewing his fallen opponent out, while he was being carried off the main arena by officials.

“Talk about John 3:16? Austin 3:16 says that I just whooped your a**.”

This was the moment when Steve Austin transcended his role in the WWF, becoming the face of the franchise for many years to come.

Austin called out all of his potential foes like Shawn Michaels, and put the entire WWF on notice. He proclaimed that he was the King, and that he would become the new Champion soon enough.

King of the Ring in 1996 marked the beginning of the era of the Texas rattlesnake.

This promo of his would also lay the groundwork for the Attitude era. The rest as they say, is history. 

Finally, Punk’s third choice was a no-brainer.

CM Punk’s Pipe Bomb in 2011 was a game-changer. It broke all barriers of kayfabe for the first time ever, and shot CM Punk into the top echelons of the WWE at the time.

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The Pipe Bomb promo influenced a lot of decisions and stories the WWE made in the future, and it is, of course, Punk’s third pick.

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Flip flops are essential summer wear and great WWE weapons in a pinch

King of the Ring Baron Corbin faces Chad Gable on the September 23, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Photo:

We’ve got flip flops being used as weapons on WWE Smackdown and we love it!

When you’re watching WWE Smackdown, be prepared for things you never prepared for.

So Matthew Riddle a.k.a. “The Super King of Bros” falls out of the ring. He tries to gather himself for a second and comes up with a great idea in his mind. He grabs a random flip flop he finds on the ground and then proceeds to use it as a weapon on King Baron Corbin. When you get smacked in the face with a pink flip flop, you must follow the man who attacked you back into the ring.

Flip flops can be used as appropriate summer apparel OR they can be used to smack King @BaronCorbinWWE! #SmackDown @SuperKingofBros

— WWE (@WWE) July 5, 2020

This was clearly a reenactment of something fierce that went on at a suburban pool many summers ago. Where else are you going to get a shirtless man smacking a man wearing a crown and a robe with a pink flip flop? This was something you’d see two eight-year-olds do in between events at a neighborhood swim meet. If that’s not your childhood, then your parents messed up.

Flip flops have always been the most underrated weapons of our lifetimes.

From personal experience, when you get smacked in the face with a flip flop, it doesn’t matter if its hot pink or red, white and blue, it still hurts tremendously and it takes a little bit of your soul with it. It’s like getting open-handed slapped in the face, only its with a shoe device designed to let your stinky feets breathe. If your face isn’t red and glazed with a little bit of grit, you weren’t slapped.

So instead of hopping into the ring with your Ring Pop attached, get ready for some full-grown man, dude-on-dude rasslin’. If you could do it on a trampoline at 10 years old, you can do it now in your 20s, 30s or 40s. It’s like a bar fight, but probably not about a girl and you’re probably not hammered at 2 a.m. either. At its core, getting hit in the face with a pink flip flop is truly American.


Whoever’s kid sister that salmon-colored sandal belonged to, thank you for inspiring us all to never grow up. If you feel the need to disrespect someone’s manhood or womanhood, you are more than welcome to use a flip flop as a weapon to let the other person know you mean business and that you’re super duper Al Gore ManBearPig cereal about it.

If you’ve never been smacked in the face with a flip flop, you weren’t living hard enough as a youth.

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