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Laura Ingraham attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci over his Congressional testimony on Tuesday, where he warned the nation’s lawmakers about the ongoing risk from the alarming spike in coronavirus cases. His statements, the Fox News host essentially claimed, were tantamount to a political betrayal of President Donald Trump.

During a Senate hearing earlier on Tuesday, Fauci had told Sen. Elizabeth Warren that, if left unchecked, the new Covid-19 case count in the country could rise to as high as 100,000 per day, far worse than any other country and roughly double the current daily case count. Of note: just three weeks ago, the nation’s daily coronavirus positive case count had fallen to below 20,000, but has more than doubled since then, to roughly 45,000 as of June 30.

“Dr. Doom himself at a senate hearing today spreading more Covid panic,” Ingraham snarked, before throwing up a mock “Biden – Fauci 2020” graphic. “Can we admit that Fauci is working for the Biden campaign? For all we know, he could be Joe’s running mate. Why not.”

As of Tuesday, nearly 130,000 Americans had died from the coronavirus, and IMHE projections estimate another 40,000 fatalities by this fall without a second widespread campaign of social distancing and mask wearing similar to the one that slowed the initial spread of cases in the spring.

“Fauci’s fearmongering didn’t go unchecked,” Ingraham said, before highlighting the infectious disease expert’s exchange with a U.S. senator who tested positive for Covid-19 without identifying how he contracted it. “Senator Rand Paul hit back with an issue I know so many of you care about.”

Ingraham then played a clip of Paul challenging Fauci about reopening schools in the fall, in a moment similar to a contentious exchange between the pair about the same issue last month.

“They kind of went around and around but moms, most of them want their kids back in school,” Ingraham said, before decrying the “expert class” that she claimed has “been wrong on almost every issue every step of the way, from the efficacy of lockdowns, they obviously didn’t work, to masks, because they said we shouldn’t wear them at first, to shutting the schools down.”

Ingraham then blamed the skyrocketing surge in coronavirus cases on the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, even though states like New York and Minnesota — which saw numerous demonstrations in the wake of the George Floyd killing — have seen their Covid case counts either continue to slowly drop or hold steady.

“Those same authorities went on to denounce their fellow Americans for protesting to save their businesses and jobs only to turn around and essentially openly embrace the BLM marches while claiming racism was the real virus,” Ingraham said. “Now, these esteemed experts don’t even have the integrity to admit that the masked protests, which they themselves often participated in, are likely a major reason we are seeing current spikes in various cities. Now the timing and patient profiles of the Covid spikes in cities like Cleveland, L.A., Houston and states like Minnesota all correlate to the protests.”

However, one of the news stories displayed while Ingraham made these claims directly contradicted her argument, as an ABC News headline shown instead read:  “Minnesota sees no rise in Covid-19 cases tied to protests: Health official.”

“So why would we keep putting faith in experts who don’t just butcher the science,” Ingraham said, as the graphic sharing the screen with her undermined her case, “but display hypocritical and political messaging in the process?”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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Here are 3 key takeaways from the Supreme Court’s decisions on Trump’s tax and financial documents

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This story was originally published by ProPublica.

The Supreme Court issued its highly anticipated decisions yesterday in two cases concerning oversight, presidential immunity, and the balance of powers. Both cases address whether subpoenas seeking financial information about President Donald Trump’s business dealings, including his personal tax returns, can be enforced.

The court held in one case that subpoenas in a criminal investigation into Trump’s business dealings by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance can be enforced. The court’s decision in the second case, concerning congressional subpoenas to the president’s shadowy longtime accounting firm, was more complex. That case will go back down to lower courts with a four-pronged test created by Chief Justice John Roberts that aims to preserve Congress’ authority to conduct oversight while ensuring they don’t abuse those powers.

“Trump, Inc.” co-hosts Andrea Bernstein and Ilya Marritz spoke with Melissa Murray, a law professor at NYU, about the decisions. Here are their takeaways:

  • We won’t see the president’s tax returns before the election. Trump can still try to fight Vance’s subpoenas on more specific grounds, and at the end the documents would only go to a grand jury, not the public. And while the court upheld Congress’ right to subpoena documents from the president, there is little chance this back and forth will be settled by November.
  • The Supreme Court’s decision may not have really settled the question of congressional oversight. On one hand, the court unequivocally affirmed that the president can be investigated by Congress. At the same time, it did not spell out exactly how Congress should conduct such oversight. While Roberts’ four-part test seems straightforward, it’s going to involve a lot of judgment in practice.
  • The real winner isn’t President Trump or Congress. “The real winner here is Chief Justice John Roberts, who’s managed to keep this court out of the political fray,” said Murray. “He has effectively, with both of these decisions, steered the court through a really treacherous course that could have been a polarizing mess for the court to wade into, and he’s done it in advance of what will likely be one of the most polarizing elections of the modern age.”
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