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Ecuadorian epidemiologist said that the pandemic will not end in the near future because, even if a vaccine were found, the virus will remain and find “ideal people to stay.” (Free Press Photo: EFE)

This is the opinion of the epidemiologist Catalina Yépez, a former external adviser to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), who explained to Efe that the disease COVID-19 “is not synonymous with death” and that it is a virus that came into the world “probably to stay”.

The Ecuadorian expert epidemiologist ruled out that the pandemic will end in the near future because, even if a vaccine is found, the virus will remain and find “ideal people to stay.”

“When the vaccine arrives, the burden of the pandemic will drop,” but, like the flu, it will remain present, said Yépez, noting that the low rates of contagion only allow “a respite to the health systems”, which have been seen collapsed in times of greatest pollution.

“We are all susceptible to contagion” and people who have symptoms and those who do not can become ill, he added after insisting that little is known about the virus, but that the important thing is to study it more.

According to statistics, 35 percent of people will pass the disease “without problems, because it is asymptomatic”, and another similar item will suffer from “mild to moderate symptoms, which can be treated at home.”

Only between 15 and 20 percent of people “will have problems and require hospitalization,” and of these, only 5 percent will correspond to “serious cases” that have to go to Intensive Care Units (ICU), explained Yépez. .

“Probably all of us will become infected in about two years, the important thing is that the virus becomes less violent, weaker,” he stressed, noting that it is also essential to be “more protected by each one of us.”

Nor has it been shown to be “a seasonal virus”, like influenza, and that is why, for example, Chile is now at its highest point, unlike other nations on the continent.

Prepare for the second wave

“The only certainty is that it will take a long time for him to leave” and, therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the mentality of “caring for others” and “preparing more”, since the fatality of the disease also depends on “health resources available ”, he explained.

And it is that, according to her, the arrival of a “second wave” of contagion by coronavirus “is not a potential scenario ruled out”, and for this reason, health systems must be enlisted.

“The spaces of captive populations” such as prisons, houses for the care of the elderly, associations of small merchants, those of transporters, which are “doubly exposed”, must also be addressed, because they are “concentrated in spaces” and “because they are also they move ”.

“The second wave could come, but that it is of equal devastation? I would hope not,” added the specialist, assuring: “We have always been far behind the virus, which is getting smarter.”

However, “we are getting to know him more and more, as we get to know him more, we have more opportunities” to control him.

The triad of life: hand washing, distance and mask

“This has not happened, this has only just begun,” he insisted after stressing that the most important thing is to understand the “triad” of protection: permanent handwashing, the use of masks and the physical distance between people.

Soap with water and disinfecting gel, in that order, appear as the appropriate standards for hand cleaning, and regarding the type of mask, Yépez suggests the use of those with built-in anti-fluid sheets and which have become popular among the population.

She suggested leaving the use of N-95 or surgical masks for healthcare personnel, which are more expensive and do not help in people’s daily lives.

Likewise, he referred to social distancing, maintaining a distance of at least two meters and avoiding crowds, even less in closed places.

“It all comes down to hand washing, physical distancing and the use of masks, there is no more,” added Yépez, who avoids talking about “co-responsibility” in the de-escalation process, since “nobody is to blame for getting sick by going to the street to earn a living for the day ”.

Immunizations in sight

Regarding the vaccine, he recalled that PAHO “has a revolving fund” to lower its costs when they hit the market, and said that, as an example, countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and the United States demand a greater volume of this input, which benefits the rest. of nations in the region.

In addition, the vaccine should be aimed at the groups at highest risk, he added, indicating that the doses to be administered could be annual doses, due to the mutation that viruses usually suffer.

She believes that, if the deadlines set by the scientific community are met, it is possible that by December South America will have access to the vaccine, although she preferred to be careful about the dates.

In addition, he accepted that all those procedures that people have adopted to try to fight the pandemic are valid, but he stressed that they do not replace medical recommendations.

The use of infusions of eucalyptus, chamomile, ginger, garlic and other plants considered medicinal (together or separately), sprays, gargling water with salt or with honey honey preparation and the consumption of abundant liquid or orange or lemon juices , “It is perfect”, because all this “goes” to relieve the body.

He only ruled out the direct “mists”, accepted for other types of treatments.

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