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Do you recognize this dialogue? It belongs to a book that is 155 years old, but continues to captivate children and adults.

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland), by the English writer Lewis Carroll. “data-reactid =” 35 “> We speak of” The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland “or also known as” Alice in Wonderland “(Alice’s adventures in Wonderland) , by the English writer Lewis Carroll.

The novel was translated into a hundred languages, it had adaptations for radio, television, theater, cinema, games and even video games.

But what is particular about that date? And who was Carroll inspired to write his famous novel?

It all started in Oxford in the 1850s.

Alice Pleasance Liddell was born on May 4, 1852 and was the third of 10 siblings.

In 1855, the Liddell family moved to Oxford because Alice’s father Henry was made dean of Christ Church.

The secret world of Lewis Carroll (“The Secret World of Lewis Carroll”) from the BBC. “Data-reactid =” 87 “>” At the time it was the place to be. There were glamorous families, parties, they were royal friends, “Vanessa Tait, great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell, described in the BBC documentary The secret world of Lewis Carroll.

Alice and her brothers from a young age attended these parties and events to learn how to mingle and converse with members of English high society.

The girls’ mother, Lorina, was eager for her daughters to marry well when the time came, and it was never too early to start social skills training.

She was always accompanied by her sisters Lorina (Ina) and Edith, and they quickly got along.

Dodgson, who was a photography pioneer by then, began taking photos of them.

“Lewis Carroll was fascinated with the three sisters because they were all very photogenic and charismatic,” added Tait.

He himself recorded in his diary the fortune of having known them.

“The three girls were in the main garden most of the time, and we became excellent friends. We tried to group them in the foreground of the image, but they were not people who were sitting patiently,” Dodgson wrote in his journal on 25 April 1856.

How the story was born

During the ride, the girls insisted that Dodgson tell them a story. There the first sketches of “Alice in Wonderland” were born.

Upon returning to Christ Church, Alice asked Dodgson to write the story for her. That night and on a train trip the next day, he drew the first lines.

You may have left spaces in the text to fill them in with your own illustrations at a later date.

But earlier, Dodgson had received recommendations from fellow writers to publish the book.

This was arranged in July 1865 with illustrations by artist John Tenniel, under the name “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.

Controversial photos

Alice was a child who did not go unnoticed.

And Carroll knew how to capture those characteristics of the girl in his photos.

It should be noted that at that time taking pictures of children was a fairly common practice.

Carroll treasured a large collection of images of children in different positions and clothing.

He shows her as a beggar, with the torn dress falling from her shoulder and showing a nipple.

The Story of Alice, in the BBC documentary. “data-reactid =” 205 “>” She has a challenging look. And the fact that you can see one of her nipples is something that many viewers find disturbing, as if there was a quota of sexuality there, “Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, author of The Story of Alice, analyzed in the BBC documentary.

The controversy was evident and even more so if it is judged with current eyes.

“I think people often criticize things very quickly as if they were happening in this day and age,” said Caroline Luke, Carroll’s great-granddaughter.

“You always have to go back to the period when these events occurred. There is no evidence that things were inappropriate or anything like that,” he told the BBC.

Alice Liddell was a girl with a lot of personality despite her young age.


Interrupted friendship

What happened is unknown. And when you go looking for answers to Carroll’s diaries, the pages are missing.

“My theory is that Alice’s mother was the cause of the separation. Carroll’s attitude became affectionate towards Alice. And the mother wanted kings and earls for her daughters. She burned all the letters that Alice received from Carroll, according to the my grandfather mentioned, “said Alice Liddell’s great-granddaughter.

“I think he was in love with her but I also think he would not have admitted it to himself,” he added.

Alice kept her personality strong throughout her life, as her great-granddaughter.


However, other theories indicate that Carroll was actually courting the girls’ governess.

Young Alice

“She had a strong personality that remained until adulthood,” her great-granddaughter Vanessa Tait tells BBC Mundo.

Although she did not have formal university studies, she was a cultured young woman. “It was unusual for women to study at Oxford and if you were rich it was even more difficult,” she adds.

It is said that they fell in love, but could not be together.

“They loved each other. Alice loved him, but Queen Victoria stopped her because she was not a princess,” says Tait.

Finally, in 1880, at Westminster Abbey, Alice married Reginald Hargreaves, who had also been a student at the university.

Prince Leopold had a daughter, Princess Alice.


The Looking Glass House, about Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll. “data-reactid =” 288 “>” In fact, I still have a beautiful brooch that Prince Leopold gave her on her wedding day. They weren’t allowed to be together, maybe (at the time) they still loved each other, “says Tait who is a writer and author of The Looking Glass House, about Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll.

In 1882 Prince Leopold married the German princess Elena de Waldeck and Pyrmont.

Curiously, Leopold named his daughter Alice. And Alice named her second son Leopold.

Adulthood and tragedy

Alice and her husband settled in a Hargreaves family farmhouse in Hampshire, southwest London. There they raised their three children.

“They were not incredibly rich, but enough so that they did not have to work,” Tait tells BBC Mundo.

She was very conservativeHe didn’t even let my grandfather work. At the time, working was the opposite of now. If you were rich, working was embarrassing. The only thing you could do was charity, “he adds.” data-reactid = “296”> “She was very conservativeHe didn’t even let my grandfather work. At the time, working was the opposite of now. If you were rich, working was embarrassing. The only thing that could be done was charity, “he adds.

The two oldest children, Alan and Leopoldo died during the First World War. And Alice’s husband passed away shortly after, in 1926.

“She ended up with a son, who was my grandfather. And he got married late, I guess he had to be ‘the son’ forever,” Tait said.

Lewis Carroll not only wrote the book by hand but made the drawings for Alice himself.


Alice continued her social life, although “she was the type of woman who didn’t show her emotions.”

But financial problems began to overwhelm her.

Alice Hargreaves (her married last name) in 1932.


The book was sold at auction at Sotheby’s for £ 15,000 back then to an American buyer.

In 1946, the manuscript was sold again, returned to English soil, and donated to the British Museum in 1948.

Alice in her later years

Little Alice never imagined that the fantasy story would mark her life until the end of her days.

In 1932, she traveled to New York invited to receive an honorary degree from Columbia University on the centennial of Lewis Carroll’s birth and was caught on television for the first time.

Alice Liddell, at age 80, in New York. Screenshot of the BBC Two documentary “The secret world of Lewis Carroll” aired in 2015.


“I think she was happy when she went to Columbia University and received an honorary degree, she was surprised by the support of the public,” says her great-granddaughter.

Alice Liddell Hargreaves died two years later, on November 16, 1934, at the age of 82.

His ashes are buried in Lyndhurst, Hampshire. Her epitaph reads: “The Tomb of Mrs. Reginald Hargreaves. The ‘Alice’ in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’.”

“I think she influenced the character and the character influenced her. She was a bossy and demanding girl. And as she grew older, she became more bossy and demanding,” Tait tells BBC Mundo.“data-reactid =” 419 “>“data-reactid =” 420 “>“data-reactid =” 421 “>

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