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Protesters against racial injustice listen to a speaker on Friday night in Portland

Every night that federal forces were deployed in Portland, the crowds grew larger. And every time those federal forces showed their lack of experience with law enforcement—and willingness to use violence even if that meant shooting peaceful protesters in the face—more people came forward to show that they wouldn’t be intimidated.

There was a wall of moms. A wall of dads. A wall of veterans. But mostly there were just a wall of people unwilling to step down and hand over their city to paramilitary forces in camo who came over the express wishes of citizens, city officials, and the state government.

But on Thursday night protests were peaceful. On Friday that pattern repeated as the number of people around the federal courthouse decreased and the “walls” came down. Protesters who came dressed to face tear gas and billy clubs, instead ended up sitting in the grass together, listening to speakers, sharing songs, and celebrating. The reason: those camo-wearing federal forces packed up and left.

Trump’s makeshift mix of ICE, Border Patrol, and Marshall Service forces haven’t completely departed town for the moment, but they are off the streets. They’re no longer randomly firing impact weapons into people’s faces, deploying tear gas in the middle of a hymn, or grabbing people off the street and slamming them into unmarked vans. Instead they’re camped out a few blocks away, waiting to see what happens over the weekend.

Amazingly, despite the warnings of acting DHS director Chad Wolf, the federal courthouse was not burned overnight, buildings were not looted, and Portland did not descend into anarchy despite the lack of people on hand to point weapons straight into people’s faces. As The Washington Post reports, a few protesters lobbed rocks into empty space, symbolically bashing the place where the armed invaders had been on previous evenings. For now … that’s about it.

Still, there are reasons for concern. For one thing, the withdrawal of federal forces doesn’t end the racist violence on the part of Portland police that initiated protests in the city following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It also doesn’t resolve the often heavy-handed response taken by those local police in response to protests.

Some in the area are also concerned that there actually be violence initiated by agitators who want nothing more than to justify Trump’s invasion of the city. After all, it’s already clear that white nationalists have been engaging in violence and vandalism at cities where protests are taking place with the express purpose of “sowing discord and racial unrest.” 

In Richmond, Virginia this week, police arrested 23 people after weeks of peaceful protests suddenly “turned violent.” Flyers in the area called for attacks on police “in sympathy with protesters in Portland,” and the calls appeared to be met with damage to a local university, burning vehicles, and bricks hurled at local police. “There were white supremacists marching under the banner of Black Lives Matter, attempting to undermine an otherwise overwhelmingly peaceful movement towards social justice,” said Mayor Levar Stoney. 

There are concerns that the same kind of efforts could be organized in Portland. After all, Trump wasn’t just using claims of violence at that location to justify keeping forces on the ground in Portland, he was promising to do the same in a number of other cities. Portland is both the beta test and the flagship. For those who want peace to fail, undermining the piece in Portland could be the best bet to see far more camo wearing troops on American streets.

“The mission is simple,” said Mayor Stoney. “To undermine the months of peaceful, community-driven protests that this city has seen.” That was certainly true in Richmond. 

What happens next in Portland may be decided in the next two nights. 

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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa wants ‘peace’ and ‘love’ days after slamming ‘negative’ trolls

DOG the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa Chapman is tired of all the negativity on her page and wants “peace” and “love.”

The 33-year-old reality star shared a smiling photo of herself on Thursday to change up the vibe of her Instagram after she slammed hurtful trolls a few days earlier.

10Lyssa Chapman wants nothing but 'love' and 'peace' right nowCredit: Instagram

Lyssa showed off her fit figure while posing on a paddleboard in a low-cut bikini top and tiny bottoms.

The mother of two smiled and held up a peace sign while idling on the water.

Along with the calming snapshot, she wrote: “Peace, LOVE and #EffCovid to all! 

“#HigherSpritualBlessing #BlessAll”

10Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter recently slammed 'negative' trolls for coming after herCredit: Getty Images - Getty 10She said she often wants to clap back but tries not to stoop to their levelCredit: Instagram/Lyssa Chapman

In the comments section, one fan asked for her “secret” to looking so great, and Lyssa gave an honest answer.

The former bail bondswoman replied: “Pizza, beer and I cannot forget STRESS!”

Of course, she left out a few other factors, like her paddle-boarding, walking, hiking and intense workouts, which have all led to the toned body she often flaunts in bikinis.

A lot of the stress she mentioned, though, is likely coming from the “negative” comments she often receives online and called out recently.

10Lyssa has been showing off her beach body a lot lately in various bikinisCredit: Instagram 10Her smiling bikini shots come after she reconnected with her dad earlier this yearCredit: Bret Thomsett for The Sun

Along with a selfie of her looking directly into the camera, Lyssa admitted she often wants to clap back with “hateful things” to all of the haters coming at her.

She wrote: "I’m a person who is greatly effected by negative internet comments.

"Try as I may, I can have 100 NICE comments, and ONE mean one, and the mean one is ALL I can focus on....

"I find myself wanting to comment back HATEFUL THINGS!!! To complete strangers. I know. Crazy."

10The two were in a bad place because of her dislike of his ex-girlfriendCredit: Instagram 10Now that he's with fiance Francie Frane, the two are doing a lot betterCredit: Instagram

The mom-of-two, who recently celebrated daughter Maddy's 11th birthday, went on to voice her thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic and how important it is for America to "get our kids back in school.”

She wrote: "WE AS AMERICANS need to come together to get the covid OUT and get our kids back in school!!!

"My daughter is struggling. Her school skills are rusty ????. Her social-self is struggling...


10Dog lost wife Beth to cancer last yearCredit: Getty - Contributor 10Now he's engaged to Francie and the two celebrate Lyssa's daughter Abbie's 18th birthday together earlier this yearCredit: Instagram

Lyssa has shared plenty of insights into her home life over recent months, most recently posting a hilarious clip of her dad dancing on a “make-your-own stripper pole.”

Duane "Dog" Chapman and his daughter recently reconnected after going through a rough patch due to her dislike of his ex-girlfriend, Moon Angell.

Earlier this year, she slammed Dog and Moon, who used to be the late Beth Chapman's assistant, for dating just months after Lyssa’s step-mom’s death.

After the bounty hunter split from his girlfriend a short while later, Dog and his daughter were able to work on repairing their relationship, which started with a long, emotional phone call.

The father of 12 called up his daughter as his granddaughter, Abbie, fulfilled his late wife Beth's final wishes and joined the US Air Force.

10The bounty hunter is working on a new TV show that he says will include his whole familyCredit: Getty Images - Getty Most read in CelebrityExclusive'ALL AN ACT'Ellen's show guest claims host 'snapped' out of 'kind' character off cameraExclusivePITT PARTYBrad Pitt flies family to Cali for mom Jane's 80th birthday but kids are no-showkailyn's heartbreakTeen Mom Kailyn says ‘you learn by crying alone’ after Creed's birthSEE YA, OC!Vicki Gunvalson lists Orange County mansion for $3.3M after RHOC firingWHERE'S DUANE LEE?Dog the Bounty Hunter's fans miss rarely-seen son Duane LeeExclusiveCOUNTING MILLIONSJim Bob Duggar has huge $4.4M real estate empire with 13 plots of land

Abbie graduated from high school at 16 and was sworn into the Air Force earlier this year.

Dog is now engaged to Francie Frane, and Lyssa has opened up about how much she loves his fiance and their relationship.

The whole family will only be getting even closer to one another as the bounty hunter revealed he’s working on a new show called Dog’s Dirty Dozen that will include “all” of his family.

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