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Call it anime lesbian porn or yuri hentai, whatever works for you. Lesbian hentai has broad appeal with straight folks and queer women alike, and these days, there’s so much lesbian anime porn available that it can be hard to pick the top of the genre.

Just a decade ago, it would be hard to even legally acquire yuri hentai.

A significant portion of lesbian anime porn during the 2000s and early 2010s came from pirated anime and manga or out-of-print VHS releases and DVDs. As anime has gone more mainstream, officially licensed localizations have cropped up from MangaGamer, Sekai Project, and Fakku that let anime and manga fans officially support their favorite creators.

So where should you start? Read on for the Daily Dot’s top lesbian hentai recommendations.

1) Best slice-of-life lesbian hentai manga: Office Sweet 365 isya

There’s something so pure about vanilla hentai, doubly so when it features two lesbian lovers in a slice-of-life tryst. This yuri hentai manga follows Japanese businesswomen and lovers Kazuha and Director Kaname. After Kaname returns home from a trip abroad, the two find one another in a sultry office hook-up that’s as sweet as it is naughty.

Created by yuri hentai artist Isya as part of the 434 Not Found doujin circle, Office Sweet 365 and Isya’s other yuri manga can be read over at Fakku.

2) Best yuri hentai game: Kindred Spirits on the Roof MangaGamer

Back in 2012, Kindred Spirits on the Roof shook up the English-speaking visual novel world for offering one of the most heartwarming adult yuri games imaginable. Years later, it’s still a classic, in no small part because its gorgeous 18+ scenes hold up.

Kindred Spirits follows student Yuna Toomi who discovers two female ghosts in love with each other who don’t quite know how to take their affection beyond the spiritual level. Yuna proceeds to foster lesbian relationships among her fellow students in an attempt to help her new ghost friends learn how to become physically intimate. It’s as sweet and tender as it is well-written, making it a must-buy for yuri fans new and old. Grab it uncensored via MangaGamer.

3) Best western lesbian hentai comic: Erotech S18plus

Slipshine’s Erotech isn’t technically an anime porn comic, but it certainly wears its inspiration on its sleeves. The series follows Iris, an advanced robot AI who, through her creator Zoe’s late-night masturbation session, ends up receiving a firmware update that fills her brain with a yearning for human sexual experiences. So begins Iris and Zoe’s journey as the latter helps Iris learn about the wonderful power of masturbation, cuddling, queer sex, and human social norms. Subscribe to Slipshine to catch regular updates.

4) Best lesbian hentai fanart: Juri Yuri Yuri Norasuko

If you’ve ever played Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter V, then you know Taekwondo martial artist Juri Han is an utter babe. She’s borderline canonically queer, too, since she can be seen flirting with the women she’s about to go up against in battle. Criticism aside (games journalist Maddy Myers accurately critiques her as the “depraved bisexual” stereotype), she’s a great fit for some lesbian fanservice, and Juri Yuri Yuri delivers.

In this yuri hentai manga, Juri goes to “battle” with SNK fighting character Yuri Sakazaki. And by battle, we mean Yuri bound by her hands and at Juri’s mercy as she dominates her final competitor. Illustrated and written by Norasuko and published by Fakku, Fakku Unlimited subscribers can read the manga on the distributor’s official site or purchase it from Norasuko’s Gumroad.

5) Best classic lesbian hentai: GTS Viper Fakku

In GTS Viper, succubi Carrerra, Mercedes, and Rati find themselves entangled with a human named Ogawa. The three-part original video animation series follows their exploits as all four play a central role in a war between Heaven and Hell. In the meantime, expect plenty of lesbian sex scenes. Most memorable of all is the opening moment where Carrera tops Rati and fingers her before eating her out, and an iconic angelic futanari sex scene during Episode 3’s climax (pun intended).

All three episodes of the GTS Viper OVA are available via a Fakku Unlimited subscription.

6) Best hardcore lesbian hentai: Etsuraku no Tane Studio Eromatick/WESSO|NEHAN

Most of our recommendations are relatively tame. Etsuraku no Tane is not. Schoolgirl Murasawa Itsuki attends an all-girls boarding school on her grandparents’ insistence while struggling with the death of her late parents. Then, a tentacle creature possesses her and fills her with the craving to sexually prey on other girls. Classic stuff!

This hentai OVA is an adaptation of the Etsuraku no Tane visual novel by WendyBell and offers a quick, albeit incredibly erotic, look into its world. Expect less plot and more focus on hardcore sex scenes featuring everything from lesbian bondage to double penetration via tentacles. Part femdom fantasy, part BDSM-centric lesbian hentai, part yuri anime, and part school girl-sexual-awakening-turned-horrific, Etsuraku no Tane definitely earns the title “erotic horror” well.

If you’re one to mix your tentacle porn with some domineering lesbians, check it out. Just be warned, Etsuraku no Tane is hard to come by given it was released in 2015. Most renditions of the anime are via bootleg fansubs online.


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Voting By Mail In Chicago: Heres Everything You Need To Know

CHICAGO — Officials are making a big push for Chicagoans to vote by mail for the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Already, more than 121,000 Chicagoans have registered to vote by mail. That process allows voters to receive a ballot in the mail, fill it out at home and send it in to have their vote counted.

Earlier this year, Gov. JB Pritzker made it easier for people to vote by mail by allowing people registering to vote online to apply for a mailed ballot at the same time. He’s also requiring local election boards to automatically send applications to people who have voted in recent elections.

Officials hope encouraging people to vote by mail will mean there are smaller crowds at the polls come Election Day, decreasing the risk of coronavirus spreading among voters.

Here’s what you need to know about voting by mail in Chicago:

Who Can Vote By Mail?

Any Chicago voter can vote by mail. You do not need an excuse or reason to vote by mail.

Need to register to vote? You can check if you’re registered online.

How Can You Vote By Mail?

1. You must apply for a vote by mail ballot online or through a printed and mailed-in application form. The deadline to apply for a ballot is Oct. 29.

2. You’ll receive notifications from the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to let you know your application has been received and is being processed, as well as when the ballot is mailed to you.

3. Ballots will be sent out starting Sept. 24. Once you get yours in the mail, follow the directions and fill it out. You must use a black or blue pen or a felt-tip pen to fill out the ballot.

4. Return your ballot. It must be postmarked on or before Nov. 3. Here’s how to send it in:

  • Mail it in through the U.S. Postal Service or a licensed carrier like FedEx or UPS. Your ballot should come with a ballot return envelope, so you don’t need to pay for postage.
  • Bring it to the Election Board at 69 W. Washington St. on the sixth floor.
  • Put it in a secured drop box at an early voting site. The election board recommends this option if you are submitting your ballot within two weeks of the election. The drop boxes will be available starting in mid-October.
What’s The Deadline?

You must submit your ballot on or before Nov. 3.

If you’re mailing in your ballot, it must be postmarked no later than Nov. 3. But be careful: If you drop off your ballot in a mail drop box on or around Election Day, it could be picked up later and postmarked after Nov. 3. That means you should try to submit your ballot early or take it to a secured drop box at a voting site if possible.

What If You Don’t Get A Ballot?

If you don’t get a ballot before Election Day or you’re not able to fill it out and send it in on time, you should call 312-269-7967 on or before Oct. 29 to tell the elections board.

You can still early vote in person through Nov. 2, or you can cancel your vote by mail ballot and instead cast an in-person ballot on Nov. 3.

How Does Chicago Prevent Vote By Mail Fraud?

Though there’s no evidence of widespread vote by mail fraud in the United States, the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners uses a variety of tools to prevent and check for fraud.

The board regularly updates its voter rolls and signatures. It uses data from other government agencies — like the U.S. Postal Service and the Cook County Clerk’s Office — to see if people moved or died and are thereby no longer eligible to vote, board chair Marisel Hernandez said in an email.

The board also sends out mailings to canvass voters once per year, Hernandez said. The mailings were sent out in the last two weeks of July this year.

For people voting by mail, the board allows voters to track the status of their ballot: when their application is being processed, when their ballot is mailed out to them, when the completed ballot is being processed, etc.

People voting by mail also have to sign their ballot return envelopes. That signature is compared to a person’s registered signature; if it’s in question, it will be reviewed by a bipartisan panel of three election judges, Hernandez said.

If someone is voting by mail, they should not vote in person. But just in case, the board compares ballot return envelopes with its electronic poll books to ensure no one tries to vote by mail and in person.

And if someone turns in a ballot at a secured drop box, there will be a staff member who will help the voter ensure their ballot return envelope is signed and sealed, Hernandez said.

“Of equal importance are the protections for the voters — to use phone calls and emails, when possible, to alert voters of a problem with their ballot return envelopes that they may be able to cure with additional documentation,” Hernandez said. “Or to be able to send out replacement ballots if voters do not receive their ballots.

“Or to be able to correct any errors in records so that if something innocent (such as two persons living in the same house accidentally use each other’s ballot return envelopes), we have a means of investigating and resolving that issue.”

Will You Still Get A Wristband?

Yes. Your “I VOTED!” wristband will be sent with your ballot.

Subscribe to Block Club Chicago. Every dime we make funds reporting from Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Already subscribe? Click here to support Block Club with a tax-deductible donation.

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