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the Humane Society:

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul animal shelter is closing its doors for good due to the pandemic. The Animal Humane Society announced its location on Beulah Lane near Como Regional Park will not reopen. It has been closed since March due to COVID-19. READ MORE: COVID-19’s Impact On The Twin Cities Economy Is Causing Ripple Effects The organization says it would be too difficult to renovate the building to keep the staff safe. Four people were laid off Monday. Its other employees will remain furloughed until jobs at other locations open up.
    The coronavirus has caused another closure in St. Paul: the Animal Humane Society. Chief Executive Officer, Janelle Dixon, announced the closure of the organization’s St. Paul location on Monday, citing difficulties caused by the pandemic and the building’s old age as the reasons behind the decision. The St. Paul shelter by Como Regional Park closed in response to the pandemic in March and the protocols necessary to safely reopen and function under amid COVID-19 “are not feasible given the building’s remaining useful life,” the organization said in a statement. The 70-year-old building has narrow hallways that won’t allow for proper social distancing, for example, and its HVAC system would need a sizable investment to allow for proper ventilation. The building’s...